How To Become a Dental Assistant


Dentistry and Dental health in general have continuously evolved as a profession.In the advent of new procedures and new technologies in dentistry.

A subsequent and steady rise on the demand of dental assistants has also been recorded.If you are looking for a possible niche in this field.Or if you need a career change, knowing the basics on how to become a dental assistant will make the task easier.


Just like any profession, it is important to know the duties and responsibilities that lie ahead.There is a common saying in the medical field that if you do not like what you do, chances are you will fail miserably in this career.

Being a dental assistant means working on healthcare niche where health of people, in this case dental health, will rely on your expertise as well as the dentists and hygienist.

As a dental assistant, your duties will include preparation of dental equipments ahead even before the patients arrive in the clinic.Take medical and dental records of the patient, and even taking teeth impressions for casts.

Removing stitches from dental surgeries and using of swabs and suction during procedures are also part of a dental assistant’s work load.

Other dental assistant duties include:

• application of anaesthetics
• X-ray operations
• Handing instruments to dentists during procedures
• Keeping patients’ mouth open and dry

Certain personal characteristics are also a must in order to become a successful dental assistant. Since the job requires close association with patients, one must have very good communication skills.I was reading this and he has a good point.

The ability to listen to and comprehend what the doctor or the patient says is very important.

A dental assistant must also have a clear voice and will be able to give out instructions on oral hygiene to the patients that they will be able to understand easily. Time management skills are also a must as most dental assistant jobs entails working with multiple tasks.

DentalGirl assisting

Get An Education

If you think you qualify for the above mentioned requirements, the next step you have to work on is how to qualify as a dental assistant.
Minimum educational requirement is at least a high school diploma or any approved GED equivalent, and must have undergone subjects like chemistry, biology, health, office practices and general administration.
In picking the right school for dental assistant programs, one must make sure that the institution is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the American Dental Association (ADA) in order for the program to be legit and honoured nationally.

The last and most important step to becoming a dental assistant is certification.

All aspiring dental assistant must take and pass the Certified Dental Assistant’s (CDA) 4-hour, 320 question-examinations after they have completed the program. Being certified will mean higher pays and the ability to go up the employment ladder faster.visit her latest blog post for more detailed information.

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