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dental assisting-dental hygienistThe healthcare industry is one of the established work forces that provides stable job to people who choose to render service in this field. One of the recession-proof jobs is into dental assisting/dental hygiene sector across the US. If you are considering this field, knowing its job descriptions and the requisites needed to assume the position is beneficial to help you come up with an informed decision closely.

What is Dental Assisting Different From a Dental Hygienist?

Being a dental assistant has less stringent …

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Everyone knows that good dental hygiene practices give you a great, healthy smile. But did you also know that it can help prevent certain types of heart disease? Studies have linked poor dental hygiene to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Help keep your heart healthy by brushing your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly.

What is dental plaque?

            Dental plaque is a sticky buildup of acid, food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Have you ever felt your teeth with your …


Advancement can be defined as moving up in your career. After your dental assistant training is complete and you have maintained a job in the field of dental hygiene, there is a possibility of career advancement. Continuing your education, either online or through a community college is the best way to ensure you will advance through the ranks of your field. There are certain job titles in the field that you can advance to with hard work and determination. To climb up the ladder …


Any online class contains a large workload, but the end goal is achievable and ultimately the equivalent to if you entered a community college to study to become a Dental Hygienist after recieving a certifcate or association degree. The following outlines things you need to do to become a Dental Hygienist through online this post for more details.

Research which online course offers what you need to succeed

There are a million and one websites for online colleges offering certification in …


So you have chosen the route of online learning to pursue your career in dental hygiene. If you are doing a dental hygienist or dental assisting course online, or any course online for that matter, the following tips for online learning success are for you.

1. Time Management

Organizing your time is crucial to your success in an online learning environment. Set realistic goals for yourself and create a schedule that you can follow to manage your courses and workload. Remember that just …


There are many things that are crucial to maintaining good dental hygiene. What sits on top though, is the dentist and dental assistant that make sure your pearly whites are showing only their healthiest smile. Just like the dentist is critical to your oral health, the dental assistant also serves as an important asset to the process as well. If becoming a dentist seems out of reach for you, but you still want to enter the world of dental hygiene, maybe becoming a …


Dentistry and Dental health in general have continuously evolved as a profession.In the advent of new procedures and new technologies in dentistry.

A subsequent and steady rise on the demand of dental assistants has also been recorded.If you are looking for a possible niche in this field.Or if you need a career change, knowing the basics on how to become a dental assistant will make the task easier.


Just like any profession, it is important to know the duties and responsibilities that lie …


For anyone who is thinking of studying to be a dental hygienist salary is a consideration in their career decision. A dental hygienist works under the supervision of a dentist performing various tasks such as cleaning teeth and basic patient assessment. A dental hygienist salary may be higher if they also possess clinical service skills such as teaching health education.

Average U.S. Dental Hygienist Salary

Dental hygienists receive their salaries in a variety of ways which include hourly, daily, weekly or by commission. The …


Every job in health care sector has its pros and cons. The principle of these tasks is to assure patients’ satisfaction. A dental assistant though works as an aid for the dentist; he also has to deal with the patients. He arranges appointments between the patients and the dentist and it is also his duty to counsel the patients after they have undergone a treatment.

He has to give proper attention to his clients and also has to make sure that they receive a …