10 Advancements for Dental Assistants


Advancement can be defined as moving up in your career. After your dental assistant training is complete and you have maintained a job in the field of dental hygiene, there is a possibility of career advancement. Continuing your education, either online or through a community college is the best way to ensure you will advance through the ranks of your field. There are certain job titles in the field that you can advance to with hard work and determination. To climb up the ladder will require further education in most cases.The http://www.onehealthynottingham.com/how-to-become-a-dental-hygienist-through-online-classes/ is a great post to read.

1. Office manager

Some dental assistants continue on to be office managers. With lots of experience and good organization and computer technology skills, this could be you. If this is an end goal for you, then it is important to take classes involving office administration, computer technology and business writing as you will be responsible for memos and written communication to and from the office. You will also require skills in accounting and human relations.

2.Dental Assistant Training Instructor

If you have a love of teaching, and feel you have a good grasp on the content and skills it requires to become a dental assistant, then becoming an instructor may be the perfect fit for you. When planning your career,be sure to gain experience in things like PowerPoint and public speaking to ensure you will be successful teaching the material. It is important to understand the different ways students learn to make sure your lessons are getting the information out to the students. It also helps to have at least five years of on- the- job experience before becoming an instructor so while you are teaching you are ready to give examples using experiences you have had yourself in the field.

3. Dental Product Sales or Representative

Another career under the umbrella of dental hygiene is the sales end of it.This area includes capital equipment, dental products and a limited amount of pharmaceutical product. There is special education involved in order to handle pharmaceuticals, and if this is something you may be interested in pursuing, it is recommended you find an accredited program that you can obtain a four year degree from. It is recommended that you major in subjects in the sciences or in marketing to ensure success.

4. Dental Laboratory Technician

The responsibilities of a dental lab technician are to fill prescriptions for crowns, bridges and other prosthetics a patient may need. You will gain this experience on the job, or you can achieve certification through the National Board in Dental Laboratory Technology.

5.Dental Hygienist

This title advances your career to include things like cleaning teeth and advising patients. You will be required to earn your Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene and complete your licensing exams that are required in each state.

6. Expanded Function Dental Assistant

It is always a good idea to expand on your skill set if you are interested in a career path in dental hygiene. This will allow you to take on more responsibility around the office and stand out to your employer. There are a lot of online programs that offer you the chance to polish off your skills in a short period of time.

7.Processor for Dental Claims

This position will require you to encode and coordinate information that is related to patient health care. You will be working with health insurance companies to to ensure that claims are paid on behalf of the patients.

8. Dentist

If this is something you are interested in, the dental assistant training program is a great base to start from. It will get you familiar with the surroundings in an office and the day to day routine in which you will be involved in. To advance to being a dentist you have to complete 4 years of college and have a degree, 4 years of dental school and pass of number of state licensing exams. You can also chose to go into a ” specialty field” where you become an expert in one particular part of dentistry. For example, orthodontic specialists require the same training as a dentist, and then further training in their specialty.

9. Anesthesiology

Sometimes in the world of dentistry, the dentist will require the patient to go under local anesthetic for a minor, or major surgery. As an assistant you may be able to work along side these professionals, and find out for yourself that this is something you would be interested in pursuing. This requires a whole new level of education, and the duration is similar to if you wanted to become a dentist.


10. Anything in the Health Care Field

Once you have completed all your training and have been working as a dental assistant for awhile, you may find that you enjoy the healthcare aspect of it, and want to pursue a career in a different category of healthcare. Dental Assistant training opens the door for you to become accepted to other healthcare programs with ease, and gives you the extra experience working with people in a office setting.

Although advancement in dental hygiene is minimal, there are many things that you could discover you are interested in, just from taking the courses and working in the field for awhile. There is always going to be room for growth in any health care profession you go into including but limited to dental hygiene.

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